OUR NEXT LAUNCH IS Oct. 30-31, 2021
No Vendor
Rain Date 11/4-11/5 No Vendor

 If we cancel a launch due to weather, we will announce it no later than 9:00 PM on the Thursday before the launch.

There is a 10,000'  FAA waiver for our field and flights can be made to 14,000' with a call in.

Motors allowed are 1/2A through M impulse. If you plan on flying L or M motors please contact Paul Sansoucie to arrange for pad placement or if you require the large rail (1515 rail). We do not have ground support for hybrid motors, If you plan to fly hybrid motors you need your own GSE, please contact in advance.

A Porta-Potty will be on site. No Camping allowed on the field. No BBQ or cooking allowed on the field

To stay up-to-date on launch information join the group email list, and join the Louisiana Rocketry Facebook Group. Links provided on left side of page under Social.



The launch season schedule for 2021 is as follows:

Fall 2021 Launch Dates
Sept. 18-19, 2021
Chris' Rocket Supply on Site Vendor
Rain Date 9/25-9/26 No Vendor
Oct. 30-31, 2021
No Vendor
Rain Date 11/4-11/5 No Vendor

 Cancellations will be announced the Thursday evening prior to the launch date no later than 9 PM.




We will not to share or sell your name or email address to anyone for any reason at anytime. 

I'm about done adding the videos to the site. There are a few more High Cotton ones to go.

If you have a video that you feel should be added, please send a link or let me know that you would like it hosted on this site.

Correspondence should be done through the LaRocketry Yahoo groups mailing list. You can access this through the menu at the left.


There are two motels in Winnsboro, LA.

The Americas Best Value Inn is located at 4198 Front Street in Winnsboro and the phone number is 

(318) 435-2000.  

The Chase Suites is located at 5440 Hwy 15 just 5 miles South of Winnsboro and there phone number is

(318) 412-9000.

Call and arrange for lodging early enough to have a good chance of securing a room.